I haven't been able to update my blog for the past few days because my parents were in Hong Kong, I had to go to school and in the evenings I really really had to finish watching the last season of gossip girl. Very important of course.

This weekend we started the weekend good at Dragon-i and club Nova. Since the drinks are so expensive here we decided to take some advantage of 'being a women'. (Very bad, we know!) Dragon-i is a really posh club so we were all dressed up nicely and Nina managed it somehow to get us on the guest list. The people who where there were mainly European businessmen with young good looking girls. This is where our mission started.. We danced and talked to the people around us until the waiter came to us with a full bottle of champagne. He told us that it was ours. We were really surprised, from who was the bottle? Apparently it was from a Russian looking guy who had a table at the other side of the bar, which was full of champagne bottles. I guess he could't care less about giving a couple of them away. The weird thing was that we didn't even spoke to the guy or looked at him, not before we got the bottle nor after we drank it. Anyway, mission completed.

After dragon-i we got on to club Nova where Emmy, she lives in the same building as us and she is a professional dancer. She invited us to come to Nova where she was dancing that night. She told the PR that a bunch of dutch models were coming so when we arrived stood at the 'models' table where we could get free drinks all night and with free drinks I don't mean cheap wine but grey goose vodka with redbull or any other mix drink we preferred. I love Hong Kong!

I got home at 4 o'clock, skyped with Jeff and went to sleep since I got picked up early on sunday morning. At 11 Danny and my parents came to pick me up at my apartment. Because the weather was so good we went to Stanley. I really had the feeling like I was on a holiday for one afternoon. From the noisy, crowdy Monkok we arrived within 45 min in the beautiful, quiet Stanley. No Chinese people, no traffic jams, I loved it! We went to Stanley market, which is really a must go to. Here you can find the good fake stuff for a really good price. The people who know me well may be really surprised if I say that I didn't bought jewelry or clothes that day. Instead I bough a oil painting of HK central. I saw it and I just had to have it. The price started at 800 dollars which is 80 euro but since I love to bargain you understand that I didn't agreed. I got it for 350 dollars (35 euro). I think that the lady cursed me after that but i couldn't care less, I had my painting! Afterwards we had a really nice lunch at the Stanley boulevard and in the evening we went to the Peking Garden which is famous for it's Peking duck. Since my father's birthday is next week but I'm not with him then, we celebrated it there.

It was such a nice weekend with nice weather and a lot of good dinners. But all good things come to an end. My parents fly to Holland tonight so tomorrow my student budget goes in again. Instead of duck and lobster I will now eat noodles, soup and sushi from 6 euro which is also very nice.

Here are some photo's of my weekend:

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