My parents are also in Hong Kong now and today we decided to go with our Chinese friends, Danny and James, for dinner. We decided to eat some seafood. When we arrived in Lei Yue Mun (Kowloon), there was a fish market which so many different kinds of fish, I didn't even know there were so many!! I thought it was a market but in between the stands there were little restaurants. We went to Kui Kee Restaurant which is famous for it's good seafood. Oh boy, and it was good!!

James asked me which fish I liked. Since I love seafood I started a list with the ones I love the most. Shrimps, lobster, tiger prawns, coquilles, white fish.. I thought we would order two different ones but James ordered all of them! I had never ate so much fish in my life but I never had such a good dinner as well. If some of you have the chance to go to Hong Kong, this restaurant is definitely a must go to. Here are some pictures of tonight:

what to eat!?
little crabby and some scallops with really weird stuff growing out of them! 
we picked this one..

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