Since we have four days off next weekend because it's easter and good friday, Tirsa, Ellie and I wanted to plan a trip to China. We asked our teachers were to go. They came up with really nice places but all a little bit far away. One place really caught our eyes: Guilin. Yeah, we really wanted to explore the real China now that we had the opportunity to travel around for a few days. So, we went to the train station to buy tickets in advance until we found out that Guilin is 12 hours with the train. After the shock we said to each other, well we're only in China once so let's do something adventurous. The only thing that stood us in the way was the fact that trains only go once a day here and we were not able to make that one because it got off from Shenzhen. Change of plans!

Then we decided to go to Zaoqing, one of the places where the train stopped and which looked kinda nice. Nature, temples, mountains, the real deal. But.. the train was fully booked! We were so disappointed because we finally knew were we wanted to go and it was 'only' 6 hours away, but now we couldn't. Finally we just asked the lady which wasn't fully booked, which was Ghangzhou, a huge city with 20 million inhabitants. There goes the plan of exploring the real China! But we booked it, as adventurous as we are.

Next stop: immigration tower to get a visa. It was already 3 o'clock and the immigration service closes at 5. I left my passport at home so we had to go home first and then race to HK island to find were we had to go. What a stress! We had to fill in many forms, I had to take pictures because I forget these and we had to wait in line. Time was passing by but we managed to get it! Afterwards we felt so stressed, we had to relax with some shopping. So we went to forever 21, stayed there for a hour or so. Tried on the whole store, but only bought a pants. What a day, what a day!

However, I feel really grown up now because I arranged everything myself. My mom and dad would be so proud of me! Although I will probably not see any Chinese nature next week, I can say that I'm going to China!

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