HI, my name is Roy. Michael, my boss, left me with this weird people because he's going to mainland China for one week. We live in the same building but I've never seen this girls before and after Michael pick me up, I will never will again I hope. So, I was walking around all day in the apartment, exploring my new environment. They gave me food, I was even allowed to lay down on the couch. I began to like it here. In the evening the redhead and curly one went to bed. I was left there with this blonde cat hater since the bulgarian was under the shower. I decided to go into the kitchen to look around a bit. This is when IT happened..

Apparently there was a mouse trap behind the fridge, which I couldn't see since it was a carton with very,very,very sticky glue on it. I got stuck to my hair so I started running around like crazy since I wanted it to get it off. The cat hater didn't dare to take it of me, I think she was scared that I would hurt her which I probably would've done. She started screaming for Tirsa, who was already half asleep but did came to look why that blonde person screamed so loud. It felt horrible when they took it off me. It felt like a full body wax and let me tell you that it DID NOT felt nice.

After that thing was off me I was sticky allover so I started to lick it off. Well, it didn't tasted that good. Everybody was following me were I went, which was really annoying. I just wanted to get this shit off of me! It was already 1 o'clock at night by this time and I really wanted to go to bed. In the end two others brought me to the fed's where I got stressed out because they decided to cut the glue out of my hair. I got back at 4 in the morning.

I wasn't even here for 12 hours and look how I look now! Since I'm so insecure now I decided to hide under the couch all day and I will only come out if I'm hungry. Pff, still 6 more days to go. Can't wait until my boss is coming to save me from this crazy people. Wish me luck!!

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    Leuk verhaal! Beetje sneu, maar wel vermakelijk!