Today was my very first working day, EVER (except from my weekend jobs). We had to be at the office at 9 and since Ellie are thinking alike, the longer in bed the better, our alarm went off at 7.20. A quick breakfast and off we go. Fortunately we knew how we needed to get there. We got there at 8.55, but nobody was there yet. The maid let us in and told us that we needed to wait for a while. Well, we understood that 9 ish was something like 9.10 but I think this is a cultural difference since everybody started to enter at 9.30! I was a bit disappointed since I got up 'soooo early' and don't you mess with my sleep. However, I think this goes with being an intern. 

At 10 Jeff, our supervisor came to us to show us around the office and introduce all of our new colleagues. We still didn't got our assignment so we were going trough some look-books of Gaastra and McGregor since we will be working for both of the brands. Time passed by.. no assignment yet.. 

We are working in the KITEC building in Kowloon Bay. This is a huge building full with offices. In the lounge they have several restaurants where you can eat during lunch break. Our break is from 1 - 2, but once again they aren't that strict with the time schedule. We decided to eat Chinese so we ordered soy chicken and egg friend rice with veggies. Pretty good food except for the thick fatty skin which was still on the chicken. However, I don't think we are going for lunch every day since the office has a big kitchen as well were you can eat together. 

After lunch, we still didn't knew exactly what to do but since we are going to a leather accessories and materials fair tomorrow, we asked a few of the managers for some tips. Max, who is sitting next to me is the head of jeans and outerwear. He asked us if we wanted to source for new suppliers at the fair tomorrow for semi prepared leather labels and raw leather. So, I'm quite excited that we got this task! 

At 4 o'clock we had a meeting with Sidney, the boss of the Hong Kong office. He explained us what he expects from us and what we are going to do the upcoming three months. We don't have one big assignment like all the other girls, but we have several small ones. The first one, which we have to hand in within 10 days already, is updating the company manuals of Gaastra and McGregor. Second, we will make a fabrication library and at last we will do an assignment about quality control. We will also go to several factories and if we can arrange our visa's before wednesday or wednesday morning we are going to Shenzhen to attend a meeting. So, a lot of traveling these days!

It all started off a bit weird, because we had no clue what we had to do, but in the end it was a really nice day. We even got chocolate cake because of the girls had her birthday today! I think we will have a good time over there but I do have to get used to waking up that early. At least I know what 9 ish is now!! 

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