I wanted to show you guys some pictures of the last five days. It already feels a bit like home now also because of the cosy (but a bit chaotic) apartment with all the kind people who live in the same building. In the next post I will do a tour in the apartment. All kind of arty farty people live here, we even have our own Facebook page where all the artists put there work on and all kind of events are shared on it.
You can see it here 

 Literally everything is different here: the smell, the streets, the people. I'm still walking around every day like it's unreal that I will be here for four months. I'm starting to get a bit in the rhythm, though I find it very hard to get up early to go to school. I still didn't learned that much mandarin words but I do know how to draw like 10 of the million characters and I can ask somebody how they are doing. We will be pro's within 4 weeks.. It makes no sense though because they speak cantonese in Hong Kong. Tomorrow we will start with the culture classes and afterwards we will meet with Stuart, our WRAP teacher, at the Marco Polo hotel for drinks and some horse racing at Happy Valley afterwards. On thursday Susan, Fieke and I will go for some jogging and we'll go to a skybar in the evening with all of the girls and on friday we'll go to a closing party at XXX with the roomies. My schedule is kind of full already and I'm not even here for a week!!

The meeting at McGregor was kind of a disappointment because we still don't have our company assignment. The office is really nice though just as the view,we're on the 13th floor of the Kitec building. However I can't wait to start working over there, there's enough to do but I expected a little bit more out of the meeting from today. To get to work we have to get through a huge shopping mall every time, that might be a problem for my wallet. I bought a scarf at Zara, but since I really needed one for the airco and it was in sale I don't feel guilty.

Well I should be doing my Chinese homework now so I will stop writing for now. I'll keep you updated! XOXO

psy 'gangnamstyle'  iphone cover

hertitage museum - virtual make-up

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