After a really nice weekend full of shopping, clubbing and nice dinners it was time to go to school today. We went to bed at half past 1 at night because we couldn't get asleep, so waking up was a bit hard for me. Although I had 'chinese eyes' it didn't stand out here!

Class started at 9.30 AM. We were divided in two groups, level 1 & 2. I'm at the beginners group with Tirsa, Leanne, Nina and Mirella. We all have our privet tutor, which you can see on the photo. Today we got our Chinese names. Mine is Ài Shā which means beautiful girl, from today on we have to call each other by our Chinese names, which are very hard to remember! We also learned the pronunciation of tones which was really funny because some are really impossible for us to pronounce so we were repeating them for 50 times. I do noticed that there is a kind of competition going on between the tutors. If one of us gives a good answer in class they get really happy because they learned it to you. If you don't give the right answer the other tutors will giggle because your wrong. However they are not doing it in a rude way.

We finished at half past 12 and after class we ate at the canteen at PolyU which is really cheap and you've got plenty of choice. Because it was still quite early we decided to go to Hongkong island by star ferry. This takes only 7 minutes or so but it was really nice to see the view! We went to Hollywood road to do some shopping and sightseeing and afterwards we took a taxi to the mall at Nathan road were we ate sushi.

So, I go to bed now because have to get up early tomorrow for school again. In the afternoon I will have a meeting at McGregor. Hope we will finally hear our company assignment! XOXO

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