Today we had class till late so Elisaveta and me decided to take the bus home since Beatrice, one of the girls who lives in the same building, had said that the bus is so easy to get home. Well, is was definitely NOT easy.. We knew the bus number so what could go wrong right? We didn't expect that the stops were written in Chinese characters so we couldn't read a thing. There are thousands of characters and in four days of mandarin I only learned about twelve or so.. Let me tell you one thing, we never ever take the bus again. There was a traffic jam, the airco was on -12, we couldn't read the characters and we didn't recognized where we where. On top of all of that we both had to pee. Going by bus was a really bad idea! We went out of the bus somewhere we thought was close to Lai Chi Kok. There we bumped into a really nice flea market where we should definitely go back to, so it was kind of nice actually that we got lost because now we found out a new place to go to! It really felt like a world tour but finally, after a hour, we got home.

Here are some pictures we took on our tour through Hongkong:

You'll probably not going to believe it, but I will go for a run with Fieke in half an hour. I'll show some proof later, hahah

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