Well, finally the day arrived that we were moving to Hong Kong! After a journey of 14+ hours or so we, Mirella and I, arrived at the airport. We first went to London Heathrow and from there we took the plane, which was HUGE and full of noisy Chinese people. We wanted to pick up our suitcases at the luggage belt but we couldn't find them. They were already standing next to the belt because apparently we were the last ones. Everything is going so fast here! Unfortunately we found out that Mirella's suitcase was broken so we had to fix that first before we went out.

At the arrivals was a Chinese man who had a sign with 'Stephanie Henze' on it, mister Choi was picking us up. He was bringing us to our apartments, mine on Lai Chi Kok Road and Mirella's on Nathan Road (which is a shopping walhalla btw!). We first went to my apartment to drop of the suitcases. I was really nervous because I had noooo idea what it would look like. I was kind of surprised by how big it was! We have a little kitchen, living room, our own bathroom and toilet and we have to enter our bedroom by walking through a closet, really funny! There are also living really nice young people in the building. We will be having a BBQ party tonight, so we get to know each other better. I will put pictures of the apartment on the blog later.

At 7 o'clock mister Choi and his son James picked 'Mailella' (Mirella is really difficult to pronounce for Chinese haha) and me up at my apartment. They were taking us for a nice Chinese dinner. We were a bit nervous what he would order because we only know the familiar 'dutch' Chinese food which wasn't what we will be eating. It started out quite nice, some chicken and pork but then a hot pot with soup was brought to the table. James was really kind to explain everything what we were eating, however I wish he didn't.. There it was, a chicken leg in the soup!!! I think we will see those more often since chicken feet are real delicatessen here. I think everybody understands that at that moment we stopped eating the soup, haha. I was really happy when the dessert arrived, which was just plain fruit, something I recognized ;p After the dinner, they took us for a little sightseeing tour through Hong Kong. James showed us the PolyU university were we will be start on monday. We had such a nice first day!!

Apart from the fact that I had the feeling that I was sleeping in the middle of  a highway and my pillow which was as soft as stone, my new house is very nice! I will be living here the next 4 months with Elisaveta, Nina and Tirsa. Today we're gonna do some shopping to make it more cosy and our home. Marian will also show us how to get to the PolyU by public transport today, so I have to get dressed now!


after the 8346583765 check at shiphol..
we couldn't get our suitcases closed hahaha
lai chi kok road with mailella
nathan road by night
james, me, mailella and danny choi at the restaurant

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