It's weekend again, this means time to update my blog and lots of free time to plan the fun things!
I'll give you a short recap of what we done this week and last weekend. On saturday I had dinner with Jan, a friend of my father, at Nha Thrang. This is a Vietnamese restaurant which you really have to visit when you're in Hong Kong. Afterwards we went to Socialito, where Luca joined us. I wasn't supposed to go out since I haven't slept properly in weeks, but who stays home in the weekend when you are in Hong Kong? So, at 6 in the morning I decided to go home and get some sleep.

Monday it was tattoo day! I wasn't really nervous but while the time passed by, my heart started beating faster. It felt like I was getting a huge dragon tattoo instead of my super cool big infinity sign of 1,5 cm. For me it was a big deal, my first tattoo. Luckily Tirsa went with me to also get a tattoo, her second one. She got an arrow on the side of her foot. When we arrived at the shop I became even more scared when I had to go first, since Tirsa got me all freaked out with her stories about 'don't worry if it goes wrong, you just put another tattoo over it'. Thank god it didn't hurt at all and before I knew it, it was already on my body! I'm super happy that I did it and even though it's a super small one, I feel like a real badass.

Tuesday we went with our coaches Jeff and Ines to the Chinese sourcing fair near. It was a very small fair so it didn't took long. Afterwards we went with the shuttle bus to Tsim Tsa Tsui for lunch. Ellie and I decided to take vietnamese vermicelli. When the dish came we were so dissapointed. It was cold! When we asked why, because we thought they forgot to warm it up, the answer was 'it's hot in vietnam'. So there we were, with a full bowl of cold vermicelli. I'm not going to take that again! Tuesday was also queensday, which had to be celebrated. It was weird to celebrate that here in HK and we didn't really felt like it, but we went to LKF to spot some other dutchies. In short, it was horrible. Old drunk haughty dutch people or Chinese dressed up in orange, this wasn't how we thought it would be. There wasn't even proper dutch music like Andre Hazes or Jan Smit. So, next year I'm definitely in Holland to celebrate the first kingsday. 

Wednesday it was labour day, this means a day off!! I couldn't be happier with some free time since I really needed my sleep. We didn't planned anything because we already knew that it would be crowded everywhere. In stead of going out, we stayed in all day and had a brunch with all of the girls. After we finished all the food (there was more than you can see on the picture), we weren't able to move anymore. We played the Hong Kong version of monopoly, watched a movie and finally I went to bed early! 

  Yesterday we had to go to work again. We finally have a new assignment, however I have no clue where to start or what to do.. It has something to do with quality control and the assignment of the girls from last year, but that's all we know. Anyway, I was very busy 'working' on my own plans. What to eat that night - what do I have to buy at the supermarket - what are we going to do this weekend etc. Also very important! Patricia, Ellie and I are already talking from day 1 about getting a massage, but yesterday it was finally going to happen. It was kind of a hidden place near Prince Edward. When you enter the room there are 6 chairs, lots of screaming Chinese and people walking around. I choose a 45 min shoulder/head/neck massage and decided just to relax. This was kind of hard since the woman 2 chairs next to me had a massage, which looked (and sounded) like she was getting tortured. My massage lady was also a bit harsh, but it felt really good to finally get rid of all the knots in my shoulders. 45 minutes and 118 HK dollars later, I felt all relaxed and sleepy. However, when I woke up this morning I had the worst muscle ache ever!! Those small Chinese women look so sweet and weak, but my god they do have strong hands!

And thank god today it's already friday again. WEEKEND! I'm not planning to do anything tonight besides laying on the couch and never coming off again. If the weather is nice we might go to Lamma island tomorrow, but the weather is like Holland at the moment so no beach this weekend I think!

Enjoy your weekends everyone. I will keep you updated about my adventures here. XO

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