This sunday we went to an organic market in Quarry Bay. We thought it would be a big market, so no problem that we had to travel for +30 min. However, when we arrived it there were 10 market stands, which was kind of a disappointment. We decided to go to central, to make an appointment at a tattoo shop since Tirsa and I both want one. Sooo, today is the day!! At 7 o'clock we have an appointment!

Since we still have a bunch of things we have to do and see, sunday is always our cultural day. We weren't been to soho yet so we took the elevators trough soho. We thought, if escalators go up they must go down as well.. unfortunately this wasn't the case. We had to walk all the way down again, but then we came by the botanical and zoological garden near the peak. A big park with entrance to a free zoo. Although they don't have lions of elephants here, they do have a lot of monkeys and all kind of birds. Later that night we had an evening marshmallow's BBQ with friends of Patricia who came by. One guy is busy with a project; he wants to draw 1000 portraits in the coming years. It's called 'Nice to meet you'. The whole idea behind is that in the time that he's drawing you, you get to know each other better and you make new friends. You will keep in contact and years after, another portrait is made to see how he developed his skills and the person is changed as well. The story is nice.. Although I do think he need some more practice since I look like I'm a drug addict and Tirsa has a prolapsed face!

This week I booked a trip to Bangkok/ Pattaya for 4 days with Nina and Tirsa. Will be going the 14th of may for 4 days!!

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