Last week was quite busy. As you see I didn't had any time to update my blog. We had to finish our first assignment for McGregor/Gaastra which was synchronising and improving the company manuals for Gaastra and McGregor.  We compared the manuals, spoke with the people from the office and wrote a report about how do we think they can be improved. We handed it in last friday, so we hope we did a good job. Meanwhile we moved on to assignment number 2; The fabric library. It may sound cool, at least that was what we thought, but I can't see anymore fabrics! The fact that I'm allergic for dust doesn't help as well.. Organizing the fabric library is a nice description for cleaning ALL DAY LONG. Not exactly what I expect from the honours programme! There are the nominated suppliers and the sham sui po market fabrics. Friday we managed to deal with all the fabrics from the market, today it was supposed to be 'nominated supplier day'. But, since our coach for this assignment is on a holiday until wednesday, we are not allowed to start with that. This means, we have nothing to do because they have no clue what our next assignment is. 'Something with quality control', but nobody knows what. Facebook and online shopping in the office it is!

Saturday we went to the 'monkey moutain' - Lion Rock Country Park. We all had a bit the idea of going to the Apenheul, but this was serious shit. When we arrived we first saw the warning sign of how to behave with the wild monkeys around you. Besides, they didn't looked that cute as I imagined them to be. I was pretty scared. We did not realized that the monkey mountain had a 2 hours hiking trail, which was really nice though but also kind off exhausting. It took us more than 30 minutes before we saw some monkeys, so I was pretty pissed off. Later on the track, we saw a lot of monkeys and the view was beautiful. I had the idea of being in the jungle in Africa, it didn't felt like Hong Kong at all! At one point we were so scared of the monkeys. A lot of people were running trough the mountains. The monkeys tried to protect their babies, so when a guy passed by he jumped on his neck. This happened 2 minutes before we had to pass, the monkey looked quite angry so we didn't dare to walk further. Without breathing we finally did and thank god he didn't jumped on my back! However, if you ever go to Hong Kong, monkey mountain is really something you should visit! 

We happen to have a real chef cook in our apartment, which I'm very happy about. She loves to cook, I love to eat. The relationship was meant to be. Thank god school put me in a place with her, haha. After carrot-ginger soup, veggies with chicken, pasta bolognese, this time it was pumpkin mousse with tomato pasta. When we got home, this was waiting for us --> I love my mom's food, but boy I'm going to miss hers when I'm home again. She doesn't only like to cook herself, but she also arrange dinners. Since we are models now, (I had a shoot with Doutzen yesterday, she's real nice) we were invited by the dutch PR guy in Dragon-i to have free dinner/drinks over there. This sounds kind off weird because this is never ever going to happen in the Netherlands
 but here it's quite normal. Western girls, attract (chinese) men. It's all about marketing and since they don't expect anything further from you besides eat, drink and party, it really nice to be a 'model' in the weekends. It's just like a normal saturday night in Hong Kong, but then for free. However, after loads of strawberry kiss cocktails and champagne, we decided to leave 'early' at 2.30 so we would be fresh the next day since we planned to go to Cheung Chau island on sunday. Don't really think we were that fresh and fruity the next day, but we survived.

Cheung Chau is a small island 35 minutes away from Hong Kong. We read about this on a blog about Hong Kong so we decided to go there on sunday. It was quite hard to get up in the morning, but the sun was finally shining so it was going to be a good day. We arrived at about 12.30 on the island. We immediately had the feeling like we were on a holiday for one day. There are no cars or skyscrapers, so finally fresh air and no noises! We did some serious hiking that day. First we went to the Pak Tai temple, this is one of the most colorful temples. We did some walking on the beach,  went to the peak of the island and to the 'mini great wall'. Afterwards we had dinner at the boulevard.

Now it's time to get back to reality: wake up at 7.30 in the morning is not really my thing. Certainly not when you find out that there's nothing to do for you at work. I'm gonna do some online shopping now, see ya! XOXO

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