Friday I went to Luca, who is staying at a hotel in Sha Tin, for another weekend of sleepovers. After eating lots of cheese and drinking a whole bottle of wine we went to bed, dreaming about what we were going to buy the next say since we were going on a shopping trip to Shenzhen. 

We met with Tirsa at Sha Tin MTR station and were in Shenzhen at 1 o'clock. Before our shopping spree started, we first needed to put some food in our bodies. We went to a Chinese restaurant were we ate dim sum and indian flat bread. It was Luca's third time so she knew were all the good stores were, so we started at the 5th floor. This is the floor with the cheapest products, but for a good quality. Bags for example: the plastic version is in the store and the leather version will be brought to you in a garbage bag from the warehouse. Everything what's in fashion at the moment can be bought in this shopping centre. I got totally crazy!! I didn't needed anything, but the little girl in me screamed for a Celine bag. Well.. I bought everything, except this bag because I just could get it for the price I wanted. But since I'm going to Shanghai this weekend (they have a HUGE fake market there) I still have a chance! Tirsa wasn't planning to buy anything and of course she was the one who came back with 5 bags full of shoes/ bags and clothes. Except for the Celine bag, I ticked off all the boxes on my shopping list so it was a successful day! We also took a manicure. Normally you think that women would work there and do your nails, but in the shop we did it, only men were working. So, the Chinese version of bob the builder did my nails and he did quite a good job I must say! I think I have to learn Jeff how to do it as well! 

When we got back Luca and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant, put our new dresses on and off we went to Socialito for Nina's birthday. At midnight Nina turned 24, so that needed to be celebrated. Afterwards we also went to FLY but at 4 we couldn't breathe any longer since the dresses were so tight  so I went home with Luca again for some a spa day on sunday. Next day we woke up at 1.30 (..), got some 'brunch' and went off to the sauna/steam bath and jacuzzi. In the evening we had a BBQ and a huge rainbow cake at Wontonmeen (the place i'm living) for Nina's birthday. 

Bob the builder doing my nails

My purchases

at Socialito

In our new 'herve leger' dresses

Nina's birthday cake

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