We came back from Thailand on friday, so that night I didn't went out but saturday it was time to party again! We started the evening with a dinner at Coyote Mexican restaurant in Wan Chai. Ashley, my friend from AMFI is also in Hong Kong untill thursday so we met later at central so I could show her the nightlife of Hong Kong. I didn't saw her for a long time since she was doing her internship in Shanghai, so it was really nice to see each other again!

First we went to Socialito for the usual margarita's, it's getting quite a routine to start the evening here. We met two Japense guys who seemed nice, but after a while they became a bit annoying 'awh joe so pwetty, stephanieeee come dance with meeee!' so we moved on to Dragon-i. Here it was so crowded that you could barely move. So after saying hello to our Chinese friends we went to club Fly, which is my favorite because there's a mix of all kinds of people and you can wear whatever you like or dance how you want. I did many 'dance battles' with Chinese here.. No way I see myself doing that in club REX in Hilversum, but here everything is possible. At 3 o'clock everybody was tired of the Jamaican DJ playing reggaeton, so we decided to call it a night.

Next 'morning' we woke up at 12.30 and after a brunch we saw that the sky was clear so it was time to go to the Peak. After living here for 3 months we still didn't do all the touristic stuff and the Peak it one of the things you just must have seen before leaving Hong Kong. While standing in the line the sky became more grayish and it looked like it was going to rain. It seems like everytime we're free the weather is turning against us. But when we arrived at the top, we still had a clear sight although it did started raining. I managed to make some pictures, which didn't look that good as the real view but at least I can tick the Peak from my to do list now as well!

Yesterday it was my first working day after my mini holiday. I felt motivated again and I didn't even checked skype or facebook all day. This is an accomplishment! After work I met Ashley in the Wooloomooloo prime skybar in TST. I was supposed to be there at 9, but because of a horrible taxi driver who couldn't speak english and dropped me off somewhere else I arrived an hour late. We had drinks on the terrace looking at the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong. We were having a sleepover at her hotel, the Mira. Finally a normal bed and shower again! I got used to my beloved bunk bed and I really like my apartment, but it was nice to have a little bit of luxury for one night. I think I was under the rain shower for 40 minutes or so and I slept like a baby in the big bed, which I had just for myself.

Now I am at work again, still motivated but sometimes you need a break. So that's what I am having now.. for 2 hours already..

coyote restaurant
dinner with the girls
this massive chicken fajita is the best
club FLY with ash
view from the Wooloomooloo terrace 

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