Last thursday we had dinner at La Perouse, a french - australian (i don't see the link, but ok..) restaurant from my friend James. It's one of the restaurants in Hong Kong with an amazing terrace, located in LKF. I had a great portobello and crab risotto, still rice but something different from my daily Chinese menu! Afterwards we wanted to go salsa dancing in Socialito, but unfortunately there wasn't any so we went home. 

Friday Ellie and I decided to go to the public library in central to do some research for our new assignment. Here we had access to an online database which provided us with information about the Asian production countries. After two hours we were 'done' working so we went to Soho to treat ourselves with a big lunch. In Soho they have special lunch offers which consist of a 3 course menu for 100 HK$ (10 euro) + service fee. We went to an organic little restaurant called 'Life'. I had food combinations I'd never heard of before, but it was super good! We started with eggplant soup with coconut milk and lime, the main course was green tea noodles with all kinds of veggies and grilled tofu bacon and as an dessert we had tea, also organic of course, with a cookie. It's definitely a place I want to visit again in my last few weeks i'm here!

Saturday it was super sunny, F I N A L L Y! So I rushed upstairs to catch some sun. However, it seems to always rain of become cloudy whenever I'm free of work or when I want to tan.. We stayed for an hour at the rooftop and decided to do some shopping at one of Monkok's markets. I got my hands on two pair of new sandals, so this made me happy again. Nina, our chef cook, made dinner that night: coquilles and shrimps in white wine sauce with pasta. After some drinks at our place we went on to Socialito to do some dancing. I had a bit too many drinks in Socialito and Fly since everything tasted like lemonade.. So at 5 (or 6, I don't remember..) in the morning my lights went off. But I had a great night! The morning after was still great, because of the 'lemonade' which was still in my system but after a ride in the ferry to Lamma island it wasn't that nice anymore. This was a ride like hell! We sat in the front of the ferry and it was the most horrible ride ever. We arrived at the island safely and went on to the beach. The moment we wanted to sit down, it started to rain OFCOURSE. After lunch we tried to relax on the beach again since the weather was getting better. We slept for about 2 hours and afterwards we walked around the island. They had cute local shops and an overload of organic restaurants and cafe's but I wasn't really impressed by the island. However it was nice that I saw it so I can cross that one of my to do list as well. Despite the fact that we only have about 5 weeks left here, this list is still very long. I haven't seen the Peak, discovery + repulse bay or shek O beach. And lets not talk about all the restaurants and bars we still have to visit.. I really need more time here!!

Sunday evening we had a BBQ at our place whereby everybody who was attending had to
bring a bottle of wine and some food. This resulted in some weird, but delicious combinations of food. After eating an overload of marshmallows I packed my suitcase for Thailand. Watching the weather forecast for Pattaya and Bangkok made me so happy I wanted to start packing all my summer clothes already since I didn't had the opportunity to wear them here in Hong Kong. Tuesday morning we will be picked up by a taxi at 4.30 in the morning to bring us to the airport. At 8 o'clock we fly to Bangkok and at about 2 I will be chilling in my new bikini on the beach. Palm trees, white sand and a cocktail in my hands. Not to make anyone jealous of course..

Next week i'll post my Thailand pictures! Keep you updated about my adventures there XO

dinner at La Perouse
green tea noodles at Life
Margarita's at Socialito
Saturday night at Socialito 
Lamma island
Lamma island
yellyfish at Lamma island
marshmallow time!
BBQ at wontonmeen

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