Lastweek was a short workweek since we were free on friday and monday due to good friday and easter. And today I am free again because it's Ching Ming here. So finally some time to catch up with my blog!

Tirsa, Ellie and I went to Guangzhao by train on friday. A huge city two hours from Hong Kong. We weren't prepared at all, we just had train tickets and a heavy bag pack. We had no idea were hotels were nor nice area's or whatsoever. This was a new experience but we also saw it as an adventure.

After arriving in Guangzhao at 5 o'clock we first decided to go to the south station. While we were standing in the MTR we thought this wasn't a good idea after all since end stations most of the time doesn't have anything around. So, we looked at the map were the touristic places were and we stepped out near Beijing road. The biggest shopping street of the city. The only problem was, we couldn't read Chinese characters and Chinese people often don't speak english. So, we went into a shop and asked for pen and paper to draw a bed with a person in it. The woman understood us and wrote something down in Chinese. She called someone who could speak english to explain us where the hotel was. Unfortunately it was a five star hotel which we couldn't afford but at least we knew that we had to go to Beijing road to search for a hotel. I came up with the brilliant idea to go to the MacDonalds for free wifi, whatsapp did worked but the internet didn't so it wasn't that brilliant after all.

After walking for a while we finally saw a hotel. However this hotel, the intercontinental *****, was a little above the budget. We went inside to ask for a cheaper hotel but the hotel the lady referred to was fully booked. Luckily that hotel send us to another hotel that did had space. It costed us 168 yuan per person for three night in total. That may sound as a lot, but this is only 22 euro, so the more money there was left to spend! The neighborhood was really nice since it was located in the center of Guangzhao. Beijing road is a big shopping street, with a lot of hidden indoor markets behind the stores. You might understand that we spend a lot of time, and money here. But we also did a lot of cultural sightseeing. I've never walked so much in 3 days, but my new Nikes helped me through it. Despite the awful weather, we had a really nice easter weekend and Guangzhao is really a city that must be visited if you're near Hong Kong.

the hotel room
one of the 1984375937 temples 
people's park
trying all kinds of tea
Chinese dessert..
which didn't taste that good!
eating pineapple from the market

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