Yesterday we slept till late because we went out on Saturday to Botelón and club PLAY. Botelón is some kind of gathering between all kinds of people. You don't have to pay anything, you only have to bring a bottle of wine and start talking to meet others! We went to HK central but we couldn't find the amfitheatre where Botelón was. After a lot of walking we finally found it. We met Portuguese,  German, French and Italian people. It was really nice! Afterwards we went to PLAY for some dancing.

So since we got home at 6 in the morning and went to bed at 7 or so, we slept till late on saturday. At 4 in the afternoon we finally got out of the house to the market near Prince edward station. It's actually a market where they sell very poor quality shoes and clothes but it looks really nice since everything is literally copied from the big fashion brands. Everybody who know me, knows that I loooove shopping. Well, on the markets it's a bit difficult for me because they only sell clothes in size 25-26 and shoes till size 39. I can't even remember when I had that size, it's that long ago! I saw a lot of nice things which I wanted to buy but I couldn't because I didn't fit them. The only thing I bought was bananas. Not good for my mood, however it is good for my wallet!

Last night we didn't do anything because we were still tired of the night before. Nina had arrived also so we decided to stay at home. After eating sushi, AGAIN, we all watched another movie/serie on our laptops with our earphones in. How social!

Today we're all in a cultural mood however we still didn't decided what to do yet. So I will take a shower now and I will keep you updated what we've done today! XO

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