I've been to school for one week already and we learned a lot! I know know how the greet somebody in mandarin, ask if their busy and where they come from. However, I don't think I'm able to speak it fluently it's quite cool when I recognize some of the Chinese characters while walking on the streets. On the pictures you can see my Chinese name: Ài Shā. Ai stands for Aimée because it has the same pronunciation and Shā means beautiful. It's a nice name but it doesn't really make sense since they already made the name before the saw me. We also had lunch with our teachers at the canteen of PolyU which you can see on the last photo. They were really happy that we asked them to eat lunch with them, so cute!

Now I have to study again because we have our first quiz tomorrow. Which is kind of nerve wracking since the Chinese characters are really difficult. Hope I will do well tomorrow! XO

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